‘Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd’ — Voltaire


Why do gifted children struggle academically? Despite their high levels of curiosity and hunger for learning, many of these children lag when it comes to writing. “For these children, psychomotor development doesn’t develop at the same pace,” says co-researcher Cassandre Bélanger-Legault. “This is sometimes at the root of academic failure.”

Another reason is the lack of interest that gifted children have at school because the curriculum doesn’t meet their needs. The result is that they either become a disturbing force in the classroom or completely apathetic. “After years of a poorly adapted curriculum and of intellectual passivity, these children finish high school devoid of interest,” explains co-researcher Philippe Grenier-Vallée. “They struggle to organize their work and remain inattentive in the classroom.”

“The danger with boredom is that it can lead to dropping out, which in turn can lead to juvenile delinquency,” says co-researcher Marie-Ève Boucher. “Based on studies conducted mainly in the United States, 10 to 30 percent of intellectually precocious students have psychological and behavioral trouble. These are the result of trouble coping with their intellectual discrepancy.”

Many gifted children fail academically | UdeMNouvelles