Future Shock

Wow, in all the noise about Apple’s iPad someone actually got the idea! Future Shock | Fraser Speirs

Yes, I support the government of China

From the many a true word spoken in jest department… Yes, I support the government of China | The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

Self-educated People Who’ve Made a Difference

Throughout history self-educated men and women from all walks of life and social stations have risen to the occasion of the challenges facing them. In so doing, they have set new standards for learning, which without question have raised the bar of achievement for their respective societies. But only in the latter half of the twentieth-century has the insidious notion that one must have the blessing of an institution to function in society been generally accepted without protest.

We need colleges and universities just as we need teachers and people who are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with others. But the idea that the only learning respectable enough for economic compensation comes from institutions, which treat it as a scarce resource, is patently absurd. The people named in the following list demonstrate this beyond doubt.

Autodidactic Press

The Deadliest place on Earth?

If not the deadliest surely among the most stunning. The Deadliest place on Earth? Surviving Cueva de los Cristales – The Giant Crystal Cave | The Iron Ammonite

Software Sea Change

Software Sea Change | Kickingbear

Why Self-Discipline Is Overrated

Why Self-Discipline Is Overrated